Codly a multi business company

Developer consultant

Pierre Söderman is a developer consultant specializing in building innovative web applications. With expertise in JavaScript, React, PHP, GraphQL, Node.js, and AWS configurations, he offers full-stack development services, engineering management, and project management. He has a background in frontend development, backend development with PHP, and experience with various clients and projects throughout his career.

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Codly is a family-run online business focused on selling physical products. Their team, consisting of Pierre, Linnea, Victoria, Crippe, and Tim, takes pride in offering fast delivery and high-quality products while providing excellent customer support. They specialize in various areas such as smart kitchen appliances, fitness equipment, and wireless home products, and strive to stay innovative, trends, and customer-oriented.

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Basketball skills coach

Pierre Söderman is a dedicated basketball coach offering personalized training programs to help players improve their skills and reach their goals. With expertise in technical aspects such as shooting technique and a focus on individual attention in a supportive environment, he guides players of all levels towards success on their basketball journey.

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